Lifestyle and Fitness Management Studio

We invite you to experience a program that was developed to provide the best regimen for your personal health goals. All-inclusive in its design, we have brought the best in Personal training, Yoga and Massage Therapy to one location. Unlike any training studio in the country, we provide unique amenities, and an atmosphere that delivers the best in services, personal
attention, and specialized programs. It is a lifestyle designed for those who recognize the value in their health.

At the core facility we educate you on how to use your body to maximize the exercise you are performing. It is not about the weight, it is about the mind controlling the individualized movement of particular muscles to guide an apparatus.
Combined with proper breathing and balance, you will recognize how your body was meant to work. The goal is to be able to control single fibers of muscle group independently of one another.

Training unlike any other, is comprehensive and complete.
With a training technique called the KONDO Method developed by Kevin Kondo-Turner. You will learn the essentials of weight training and how to truly benefit from your workouts and develop a leaner and stronger you.